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Wednesday December 19, 2007

subject - i'll make this one public just because it bugs me so much..

let me preface this by saying i don't have kids. i've never been pregnant, never had an abortion, never had to give anyone up for adoption, never had to take plan B, never been on birth control, etc. i do have sex. we use condoms and i also check my cycle, etc. my sister got pregnant when she was 16 so i know a little from an outsider's viewpoint.

this big story with jamie lynn spears. give me a fucking break. they are acting like she's the first teenager EVER to get pregnant. oh noes! what will they do? does this mean that kids will have to *gasp* talk to their kids about sex? wow, that's shocking! i don't approve of her mother letting her, a 16 year old girl, move in with her 19 year old boyfriend but that's their business. nobody even said anything about that until they found out she was pregnant. are we living in a different century? i don't think it's right that teenagers have kids because honestly no matter how much they like to say otherwise, they're not adults and aren't capable of handling a human being. i do know in my sister's case that she had to grow up real quick. she got a job, an apartment and basically raised my niece by herself. no welfare, no daddy, nothing. well, except for the help of family. she moved out of my mom's house when she was 18 and kayla was only 1. i respect her a lot for taking care of her family (now, not so much since she's regressing and acting like she's 17 now) but she handled her business and she made it through.

now, jamie lynn spears? i have a feeling she'll be a better mother than britney is, sad to say. she also has the money to not have to worry about working 2 jobs or putting food on the table. but since when is it so taboo for a teenager to get pregnant? sure, maybe around the time when my sister was pregnant it was a little taboo, but not much. almost all of my friends had kids before 20. one of my friend's sisters had a baby at 15. my mom raised me right and set ground rules in the house. i did have a lot of freedom but not as much as some of my other friends. parents need to stop trying to be their kids friend's and be their parent. i know i have no room to talk since i have no kids but i'm sorry. i see all these parents dressing like teenagers, talking like teenagers and behaving like teenagers. who are kids supposed to look up to when their parents are acting their age? my mom was a mom. cooked dinner every night, worked and went to school and made sure that even though we didn't have much, we never went without. i'm actually kinda glad i was never brought up "spoiled". my mom taught me the value of a dollar. she made me get a job (i've been working since i was about 10 or so. delivering newspapers, summer jobs, babysitting and then real jobs) and yeah, even though i had premarital sex, i also knew to use a condom. if the guy didn't want to wear one, oh well. NEXT! (but not "NEXT!" like a whore, just basically waiting for my next guy)

i just think it's too black and white. it's basically stay a virgin till marriage (anyone checked out divorce rates lately? anyone? bueller?) or if you don't get married, well, die a virgin. because if you have sex before marriage it's soooo bad. the town will tar and feather you or burn you at the stake. this isn't the 1950's guys. kids are bombarded by sex everywhere they turn. soft core porn flicks on skinemax and the such, paris hilton and every other skanky celebrity coming out with sex tapes, the clothes they pimp to kids, KIDS, to look sexy. just this past halloween i was checking out this forum and they posted costumes that were targeted at kids (like under 10) that were supposed to be sexy/skanky. what child needs to wear that? what ever happened to dressing up as a princess or a witch or a ghost? oh that's right, different role models nowadays. you have britney spears, lindsay lohan and every other young hot celebrity flashing their vay jay jay when they exit a car. nobody has heard of underwear? i don't know about you but if i planned on wearing a dress/skirt, i wore underwear. if you didn't want to at least learn how to exit a car. but no, they liked the attention. and look where it gets them! britney shaves her head and basically goes off the deep end, lindsay ends up drinking and doing drugs and entering rehab like 10 times, nicole richie basically starves herself and does drugs and paris hilton drinks and drives. and we're supposed to look up to them? i wouldn't think so but apparently the public thinks otherwise. they think that just because kids may buy your albums or see your movies that you're supposed to be someone you're not.

so that brings me to jamie lynn's tv show. i don't see why they have to make this big spectacle about it. what age group is her show catering to? under 12? i have no clue since i've never seen it. do they honestly think that by seeing her *gasp* pregnant that they'll go and get knocked up? maybe my head is on a little straighter then some because i never had the pregnancy bug. i never saw a pregnant girl/celebrity when i was a teen and thought "omg point me to the nearest penis! i must procreate!". yes, there was a time where i wanted a baby so i could dress it up, etc. but after seeing my sister have her baby so young and realize how hard it is, i decided it wasn't for me. i just hate that the general population relies on the TV to teach their children. it's actually pretty pathetic. sit down with your kids, talk to them about it or ask if they have any questions. don't just expect jamie lynn spears to do your job. that's her life and at least she's doing the right thing and not getting rid of it. (not that i'm aganist abortion, i'm pro-choice. i just don't agree with women using abortion as some form of birth control, same with plan-b)

alright well i'm going to end this rant for now. i just had to say something since i see this plastered all over CNN. i'm so glad i was brought up when i did. it's tough being a kid nowadays.

peace kiddies.

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Sunday February 6, 2005

subject - just so ya'know!

this journal will always be friends only. i'm just that type of person. i don't need attention or drama or such. so here are some rules and junk. not really "rules", more like guidelines.

  • drama queens: take your business elsewhere cause it's not wanted here! no whining or "omg, i'm soo going to delete my journal and never come back" and then create a new journal. yeah i've done it in the past but i'm an adult now. if i choose to leave, believe me, you won't know. no lying or making up shit either. i can tell a lie from the truth anyday. so if you have e-drama in your life, please click the x in the corner of your screen, kthnxbye!

  • posers/emo/trendy: i don't like posers. you know, ones that pretend to be hardcore or punk or pop or hip hop or country or whatever. they change styles as much as most people change clothes. it's lame and i don't like it. same goes for the emo "i wear dark harry potter glasses, all black clothes with dark makeup and dark hair and listen to sad whiny music". oh and the trendy people. i'll just stop there..

  • fake sucidial people: "OMG lyke, you just posted lyke such a mean comment in my el-jay, let me go slash my e-wrists" come on now people! nobody believes you killed yourself and it's so obvious it's there to get comments like "OMG DONT DO IT!!!11 EVEN THOUGH I LIVE 3000 MILES AWAY AND READ YOUR JOURNAL EVERY SO OFTEN DONT DO IT!!11" now this isn't for real people that have suicidal tendencies. just the ones that use it to get comments ;)

  • rpg/fantasy: what can i say? i don't like to pretend that i'm britney spears and the next guy on el-jay is kevin federline. how is that fun? i don't know, i don't know everything there is to know but i know that's just lame. if you walk out that door, there's real people to "roleplay" with. sure, the occasional video game is fine but i'm just not into that and don't want to read about it.

    and basically that's it. that's how i am and i'm not going to change. nobody is forced to read my livejournal or agree with my views. that's why this world is so great :) the friends i have now are perfect and i wouldn't change them for anything. so once again, this will be the only public entry. i'm generally a nice girl and it takes a lot to piss me off or rub me the wrong way. unlike some people from el-jay, i don't take this shit too personally :) it's the internet and yes, i love my el-jay friends all the same..but for a stranger to try to e-attack lame.

    thank you for reading this long pointless entry and if you made it this far a cookie will be mailed to you by the end of the week. if you want to be added just comment to this entry and give me a brief bio of yourself, including picture, birth certificate, 2 forms of additional I.D. and a letter from your landlord. nah, do you really think i'm that anal? just comment, say hi and introduce yourself!

    mucho love to all on el-jay land :D

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